“Scheduled, convenient delivery on your time!” is the new “Sorry we missed you.”

You know how it is – coming home from another long day at work, only to find your new running shoes were delivered, though since you had to put in overtime to pay for them (and the destination marathon for which they’ll serve their purpose), you missed them. Greeted by a MISSED DELIVERY slip. Again…

“Sorry!” they said. Technically, they delivered them. At least they tried.

But how much longer is “sorry” enough to meet your online shopping needs? Isn’t the point of online shopping to NOT have to go somewhere to find what you want? Don’t you click “PLACE ORDER” with the intent of having purchases arrive at your door?

With 62% of Americans shopping online at least once/week, major carriers are struggling to keep up with the demand of package deliveries. Daily, they deliver packages, but…you got it…people aren’t home to receive them. And, when they’re left on the front steps, they’re often stolen.

While the major players aren’t going anywhere, others are coming alongside to pick up where they leave off – literally.

How would the convenience of shopping online AND scheduled, evening package delivery (when you’re home!) improve your life? This is an option!

With NextPakk, it’s simple.

  • Create your free online profile.
  • Ship your purchases to your local NextPakk address.
  • Schedule a one-hour delivery timeslot which works for you – after work.
  • Wait patiently in the comfort of your own home.
  • It’s that simple! Convenient delivery on your time.

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