Help For Customers



Partnering with NextPakk

  • Add a DoorDash online ordering button to your website.
  • Getting Started With DoorDash
  • How do I schedule a photoshoot for menu photos?
  • DoorDash Merchant Terms of Use
  • How do I activate my restaurant on DoorDash?
  • How long does it take to get set up with DoorDash?
  • Why should I partner with DoorDash?
  • How does DoorDash work?
  • Is DoorDash available in my area?

Updating Your Menu

  • How do I update my Menu on DoorDash?
  • Adding a new item to your menu
  • Managing and Editing Shared Menus
  • Editing Modifier Settings on your Menu
  • Adding a new modifier to an item on your menu
  • Adding a new option to a modifier on your menu
  • How can I remove an item from my menu permanently?
  • Temporarily deactivate an item out of stock using Menu Editor
  • How can I edit the price of an item or option on my menu?
  • How can I edit the description of a category or item on my menu?
  • How can I edit the name of a category item modifier or option on my menu
  • Marking an item Out of Stock
  • How can I optimize my menu on DoorDash?

Learn how to optimize your menu to increase average order size!

  • What should I do if I run out of a menu item?
  • How do I update my store hours?