With apartment management, you’re likely busy juggling all the concerns of your tenants. From keeping apartments maintained, to handling day-to-day financial concerns, now you’re being inundated with requests for package handling, too?

While newer apartment complexes are building in storage space or providing concierge services for daytime package deliveries, others continue to search for fiscally responsible ways to handle tenant concerns regarding missed deliveries and/or stolen packages.

Luckily, there's a solution which doesn’t require any additional space or staffing: NextPakk.

NextPakk is a solution-based community amenity, solving the problem of last-mile package delivery. Picking up where major carriers drop off (literally!), we provide scheduled nighttime package deliveries, when tenants are available to receive packages in-person.

After 1 BILLION missed package deliveries in the US during 2016, with UPS/FedEx delivering 30 million packages daily, the 62% of Americans shopping online at least once/weekly are desperately searching for a solution to their delivery woes.

How does this help you and your tenants?

Not only can we take one concern off your plate, but we can also provide your complex with an added amenity which doesn’t cost you a thing! One simple vote of confidence from you, the management, can solve the delivery concerns of your entire rental community, while increasing your competitive edge in the rental market!

You’re welcome to advertise personalized package handling as an amenity for your complex, add a link to NextPakk on your site, or send out information about NextPakk to your community – once you tell us which form of communication best suits you, we’ll even be happy to deliver flyers or draft an e-mail!

As a Minneapolis-based service company, we understand this need firsthand, and are happy to offer this service in our hometown. We’re looking forward to working with YOU!

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