Concierge Delivery Service to People; Not PorchesTM

Market Evolution

  • Retail e-commerce expected to exceed $600 Billion by 2024
  • COVID-19 ‘sheltering in place’ could accelerate the demand for Final Mile Delivery
  • XPAKK’s success is not dependent on creating this demand; but is uniquely positioned to serve it

The Challenge: 

  • Consumers are choosing to purchase goods on-line for same day delivery at an accelerated rate
  • Final Mile Delivery services are segregated into different platforms by delivery type (Food, Appliances, Courier, etc.) 
  • Traditional Brick & Mortar Retailers have entry barrier to serve e-commerce/final mile delivery demands
  • Commercial carriers/USPS cannot serve same-day Final Mile Delivery
  • Current Delivery Apps charge large commission rates that reduce profits
  • Lack of POS Integration can result in delayed or missed orders
  • Sellers/Buyers have little visibility or control over in transit deliveries
  • Retailer’s reputation can be hurt by gig-driver incompetence

The Solution: 

  • XPAKK consolidates all Final Mile Delivery types into 1 seamless platform (Food, Appliance, Amazon Locker, Courier [i.e. Deliver to Grandma]) to monopolize repeat business
  • No hidden fees; consumers only pay for the convenience of delivery
  • XPAKK connects retailers to an extended, remote customer base via their on-line XPAKK Store
  • Retailers can outsource delivery to XPAKK’s driver community (PaKKers) or use their own drivers and gain delivery fees
  • XPAKKConnect provides seamless integration to Retailer’s POS system; removing the need to monitor a separate tablet and re-key orders*
  • XPAKK allows the consumer to consolidate and control all of their delivery experiences; increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome
  • Drivers (PaKKers) will earn more money delivering for XPAKK Retailers than other platforms;

The Price (Retailers):

  • A monthly subscription fee of $19.99/month (Basic package)
  • A low commission rate of 13% of the purchase transaction
  • XPAKKConnect subscription is $39.99/month for POS integration (includes Basic package)

Current State:

  • XPAKK Platform and App for iOS and Android developed and ready of customer beta-testing
  • XPAKKConnect has already secured a Commitment with a Major POS Provider and the API is under development
  • XPAKK is ready for VC funding 

About XPAKK:

  • XPAKK is a Minority-owned (African American) and Veteran-owned business with over 50 combined years of logistics and process management experience
  • Pitch Decks, Projections, and demonstrations are available to interested VC Partners 

Founder: Lowell Fortune CEO; 

Contact:  Joel Pietrantozzi COO;



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